Karazhan Attunment

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Karazhan Attunment

Post  Sugarhill on Tue Feb 12, 2008 6:08 am

Go to Deadwind Pass to get and complete Arcane Disturbances and Restless Activity from the two NPCs here.
The follow-up will bring you north of Dalaran to talk to Archmage Cedric, Khadgar, and you will finally have to get the 3 fragments of the key :

- [First Key Fragment] is in Shadow Labyrinth, in an arcane container behind Murmur

- [Second Key Fragment] is in Steamvault, in an arcane container before Hydromancer Thespia

- [Third Key Fragment] is in the Arcatraz, in an arcane container past Zereketh the Unbound, the container should be on your right once you took the glass stairs and entered the room full of voidwalkers.

Bring everything back to Khadgar and you will get the [Restored Apprentice's Key] and will have to bring it to Medivh in the Opening of the Dark Portal wing of Caverns of Time (Escape from Durnholde must obviously be completed too), you will have to finish the instance before he accept to complete the quest and give you [The Master's Key].

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